Thomas M. Ostrom Scholars in Residence Award for prof.dr. Jens Forster

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Thomas M. Ostrom Scholars in Residence Award for prof.dr. Jens Forster

February 12, 2009 - Prof.dr. Jens Forster (UvA) was awarded the Thomas M. Ostrom Scholars in Residence Award.

The Thomas M. Ostrom Scholar-in-Residence fund was established by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University with gifts to The Ohio State University from Mary Ostrom and family and friends, in memory of Dr. Thomas M. Ostrom, Professor of Psychology, The Ohio State University, 1964-1994.

The annual income is used to bring a visiting scholar in residence in the field of Social Psychology with emphasis in social cognition or cognitive science, in consultation with the OSU Social Psychology Faculty and Mary Ostrom.

1999-2000: Jim Sherman (Indiana University)
2000-2001: Anthony Greenwald (University of Washington)
2001-2002: Norbert Schwarz (University of Michigan)
2002-2003: Patricia Devine (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
2003-2004: John Bargh (Yale University)
2004-2005: Galen Bodenhausen (Northwestern University)
2005-2006: Marcia Johnson (Yale University)
2006-2007: John Cacioppo (University of Chicago)
2007-2008: E. Tory Higgins (Columbia University)
2008-2009: Jens Förster (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

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