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KLI Alumni Showcase 1992-2012

May 22, 2014 - To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the KLI, the KLI compiled a jubilee book comprising profiles of Ph.D. alumni who were students at the KLI during the period 1992-2012 and published their Ph.D. thesis in the KLI dissertation series.

For this purpose, we collected current contact details of KLI alumni and asked them a number of questions about their career path after obtaining their PhD. In addition, Pieternel Dijkstra (who is a KLI graduate herself) interviewed sixteen Ph.D. students (one for each graduation year in the KLI dissertation series) to provide some more in-depth insight into the variety of career paths and range of professional experiences of KLI graduates. This book also contains interviews with five individuals who played an important role in the KLI in the past 20 years, namely Gün Semin, Naomi Ellemers, Marcello Gallucci, Ina Putter and Jack Dovidio.

This alumni showcase provides a broad and comprehensive overview of career perspectives of KLI graduates. We tremendously enjoyed compiling the book, and believe that the impressive career paths and range of personal stories recorded here illustrate the significance of the KLI. We hope the book will be an inspiration for current and future KLI members, and count on your support for the KLI in the future.

Link: http://www.kurtlewininstituut.nl/userfiles/file/kli_alumnishowcase_92-12.pdf

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