ICSSR-NWO research grant for dr. Juliane Degner

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ICSSR-NWO research grant for dr. Juliane Degner

December 9, 2009 - Dr. J. Degner (UvA) received a research grant from the ICSSR-NWO India-Netherlands Social Science Scholar Exchanges scheme for "Culture and the Development of Intergroup Attitudes: Automatic Social Biases in Indian and Dutch Children and Adolescents". The project will include a research stay of Dr. Degner at New Delhi University from October-December, 2010.

Recent research with children and adolescents in Western cultures (i.e., USA, UK; Germany, The Netherlands) has demonstrated that children as young as five years old show patterns of automatic social biases and prejudice: They spontaneously activate negative evaluations when facing indi­viduals belonging to other ethnic, religious, or national groups. Understanding the societal and cultural foundations of such attitudes has important impacts on our understanding of developmental aspects of intergroup discrimination and conflict.

With the current project, we propose collaborative cross-cultural research on cultural influences on prejudice acquisition and automatization in childhood and adolescents. We will conduct parallel re­search in India and the Netherlands which allows testing of hypotheses about convergent and di­vergent findings across individualist and collectivist cultures. Furthermore, the moderating roles of societal norms and intergroup contact variables will be explored. The project comprises data collec­tion in India and will be continued with a parallel data collection in the Netherlands. A further goal of this project is to establish wider research collaboration between Delhi and Amsterdam in the future.

Link: http://www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOA_7JDKA6

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