Best Paper Award WAOP 2009 for drs. Annefloor H.M. Klep

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Best Paper Award WAOP 2009 for drs. Annefloor H.M. Klep

December 11, 2009 - The present study focuses on valence of affect and affective sharing as moderators of the link between task and relationship conflict on the one hand and cognitive performance on the other hand. We integrate research on (group) affect and conflict and argue that positive and negative affective sharing may bring out the potential benefits and/or mitigates the potential detriments of conflict. The results from a laboratory experiment (Study 1, N = 182), and an organizational survey of work groups (Study 2, N = 70) provided evidence for this notion by showing that task conflict has more beneficial effects on performance when team members share positive affect as compared to negative affect, whereas relationship conflict has less detrimental effects on performance when team members share negative affect as compared to positive affect. Theoretical contributions focus on the role of affect in conflict situations and managerial ramifications of the findings are discussed.

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