NWO Spinoza Prize 2010 for prof.dr. Naomi Ellemers

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NWO Spinoza Prize 2010 for prof.dr. Naomi Ellemers

June 7, 2010 - The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has just announced the winners of the NWO Spinoza Prize 2010. We are more than happy that our member and the chairwoman of our General Board professor Naomi Ellemers (Leiden University) is one of the four winners. The prize is the highest award in Dutch science. Each of the winners will receive 2.5 million euro to spend on research of their choice.

The Spinoza Prize is awarded to Dutch researchers who rank among the absolute top of science. The scientists receive the prestigious prize for their outstanding, groundbreaking and inspiring research. The winners are internationally renowned scientists and know how to motivate young researchers.

Link: http://www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOP_5VNCW6_Eng

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