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For researchers

I - Full membership
Researchers can become a full member of the KLI if they meet the following criteria:  

a. The applicant should be a member of a Dutch university;
b. The applicant must have a completed PhD;
c. The applicant must have a publication track-record showing a regular output of at least 20 points* in peer reviewed international journals over the preceding 5 years;
d. The applicant must (co)supervise a PhD student who is a KLI member;
e. The applicant’s research must fit into the KLI’s mission.

Members are also expected to participate in KLI teaching activities.

II - Associate membership
Applicants who do not meet criteria c and/or d can become an associate member for a maximum of 5 years. Associate membership of the KLI requires an appointment at one of the core universities participating in the KLI (UvA, VU, RuG, UL, UU) and a publication track record showing a regular output of at least 10 points over the preceding 5 years. For the associate membership both published articles and articles in press qualify.

After 3 years of associate membership one should meet criterium c for full members. After 5 years of associate membership one should meet all criteria for full members (including d) and submit an application for full membership. When supervision of a PhD student is not yet realized after 5 years, the associate member is applicable for full membership if he/she is actively involved in the organization and shaping of educational purposes at his/her university. If these criteria are not met the KLI membership will be ended. 

III - Affiliate membership
As of January 1st 2011 the affiliate membership has been cancelled.

Criterion c takes account both of the quality of the journal in which work is published and whether or not the person concerned is first author of the publication in question. Journals are classified into two categories. Only peer-reviewed international journals qualify. Journals in the category 1 are those with a mean citation impact score of at least 1.0 over the past 5 years. All other journals belong to the second category. Applicants and existing members receive points for publications as follows:

  • first author of an article in a category 1 journal: 6 points
  • first author of an article in a category 2 journal: 4 points
  • second (or subsequent) author of an article in a category 1 journal: 4 points
  • second (or subsequent) author of an article in a category 2 journal: 2 points
  • author or co-author of an English-language monograph (max. one): 6 points

*For researchers with a parttime position the required number of publications can be adjusted to a minimum of 16 points.

Application procedure

Researchers who feel that they meet some or all of the admission criteria of the KLI can apply for Full or Associate membership, as appropriate. The Executive Committee decides on membership applications.

To apply for KLI-membership please address an e-mail stating for which membership you wish to apply and which criteria you meet to the Executive Committee of the KLI. The e-mail with a full resume attached can be send to the KLI-office.

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