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Best Paper Award

Every other year, at the biennial conference, the KLI seeks to acknowledge excellence by awarding the best paper authored by a PhD student. The winner will receive 500 euros, and will be asked to present his or her paper at the KLI conference. In case the paper has been written by several PhD students, the award will be divided equally among these students.

Eligible are students who are a member of the KLI or were a member until at least a year before the current deadline, and who had not yet obtained their PhD a year before the deadline. Also, a PhD student must be first author of the paper he or she proposed, and each PhD student can participate only once.

The committee that evaluates the quality of the papers will be appointed by the Executive Committee. Most important criteria are (a) degree of innovation, (b) scientific importance and/or practical importance (c) quality of design and methods, and (d) general impression.

The next deadline for submitting papers will be the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. Please click here for the criteria for submitting a paper.

Recipients of the KLI Best Paper Award

The KLI has honored outstanding papers by her Ph.D. students since 2001. Listed below are the previous award winners:


Anne Marthe van der Bles: "Understanding Collective Discontents: A Psychological Approach to Measuring Zeitgeist"


Marieke Roskes: "Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Avoidance Motivation Stimulates Creativity Through Cognitive Effort"


Francesca Righetti: "If You Are Able to Control Yourself, I Will Trust You: The Role of Perceived Self-Control in Interpersonal Trust"


Matthijs Baas: "A Meta-Analysis of 25 Years of Mood-Creativity Research: Hedonic Tone, Activation, or Regulatory Focus?"


Marijn Poortvliet: "Achievement Goals and Interpersonal Behavior: How Mastery and Performance Goals Shape Information Exchange"


Ruud Custers: "Positive Affect as Implicit Motivator: On the Nonconscious Operation of Behavioral Goals"


Rick B. van Baaren: "It Takes Two to Mimic: Behavioral Consequences of Self-Construals"


Judit V. Arends-Tóth: "Multiculturalism and Acculturation"


Sander L. Koole: "The Cessation of Rumination Through Self-Affirmation"

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KLI Conference 2016

KLI Best Paper Award 2016 for Anne Marthe van der Bles, MSc.

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