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Dissertation series

The Kurt Lewin Institute dissertation series exists since 1997. PhD student members of the KLI can publish their dissertation in these series, i.e. with the logo of the KLI and a number on the cover of the book.

Participation in the KLI dissertation series will be awarded by the KLI with a 250 euro allowance.

The procedure for participation in the KLI dissertation series is as follows:

1. Choose a printing office

The KLI has good contacts with Ipskamp Drukkers. This printing office offers a special price for printing KLI dissertations and is familiar with KLI publications. Of course PhD students may contact any printing office of their choice.

Contact information of Ipskamp Drukkers
Ipskamp has offices in Amsterdam, Enschede, Rotterdam and Nijmegen

E: info@ipskampdrukkers.nl
W: www.ipskampdrukkers.nl

2. Request for participation

Please send a request for participation in the dissertation series to the KLI office, with the date of the defence of your thesis, the title of your dissertation, supervisor(s), type of funding and English summary (approximately 200-400 words).

You will then receive the following information:

  • a KLI dissertation series number
  • the KLI logo; this logo is made with a program commonly known by printers (Freedrawing)
  •  list of dissertations published in the series in the past two years

The logo and series number should be placed on the cover of your dissertation and the list of publications on the last page(s) of the book. More detailed information about the location of the logo and the list of publications, and declaration of the allowance can be obtained from the KLI office.

3. Reimbursement printing costs

Please send a copy of your dissertation to the KLI office. Please ask the KLI office for a reimbursement form. Then send the form together with the original invoice of the printing office to the address mentioned on the form. After approval, the allowance will be tranferred to your bank account by Utrecht University.

Please note: it is not possible to get the original invoice back. If this poses a problem for you please contact the KLI about it.

Note for UU-members
UU-members should submit their expense claims for the KLI through the online portal. Please contact the KLI office for further instructions. 

Previous publications 

On overview of previous publications in the KLI dissertation series can be downloaded here. For an up-to-date overview please contact the KLI office!

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