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Project Information

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"Leadership in innovation networks: Towards an empirical framework"

University of Groningen - Organizational Psychology

PhD Student
Jesus Mascareņo

Prof.dr. Barbara M. Wisse (University of Groningen)
dr. Eric F. Rietzschel (University of Groningen)

1 September 2015 - 1 September 2019

University of Groningen)


Recently, firms have been experimenting with novel business models based on harnessing collective creativity through innovation networks. Companies may be interested in joining such innovation networks, because they offer them access to unique resources, share risks, and access to new markets and technologies (Powell et al., 1996). Yet, although innovation networks can be a source of differentiation and value, far from all networks are successful and many fail to produce the expected return on investment (Blomqvist & Levy, 2006). Clearly, it is valuable to know more about why some innovation networks are successful while others are not. The research focuses on the extent to which a lack of trust and goal alignment in innovation networks pose challenges to their successfulness. We also focus on how leadership may be a positive force during the innovation process. Specifically we argue that leadership may not only have a positive influence on the development of trust and goal alignment in the network, but may also act as a catalyst by enabling trust and goal alignment to transform into the explorative and exploitative behaviors that are crucial to successful innovation.

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