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Kurt Lewin Instituut
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The Netherlands
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Project Information

Project Title
"Time to care! Using sensor technology to dynamically model social interactions of healthcare professionals."

University of Twente - Department of Educational Science

PhD Student
Stijn de Laat

Prof.dr. Reiniut de Vries
dr. Maaike D. Endeijk
dr. Elze G. Ufkes

15 May 2016 - 29 February 2020

University of Twente


In the healthcare sector, employees are in constant contact with colleagues and clients. Such interactions vary continually—depending on factors such as work schedule, sudden emergencies, and the need to share information—creating a constant flux in social interaction networks. However, up until recently, most social and organizational research has treated individual and team-level behaviors as static phenomena (Kozlowski, 2015; Roe et al., 2012). Even when lip service was paid to the dynamic nature of team interactions (e.g., Sasovova et al., 2010), methods were often used that were not suitable for capturing the dynamics—that is, the duration, stability, and recurrence—of social interaction patterns (Roe, 2008). In the current project we will develop a new temporal theory, as well as a practical feedback tool, of how social interaction within teams stimulates quality of care. To accomplish this, we will be using track-and-trace sensors as this technology fits a temporal approach perfectly (Kozlowski, 2015; Roe et al., 2012).

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