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Kurt Lewin Instituut
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Room Number H1.42
The Netherlands
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Project Information

Project Title
"Correcting for bias in supervision"

University of Utrecht - Social, Health and Organisational Psychology

PhD Student
Tessa Coffeng

Prof. dr. N. Ellemers
Dr. E. F. van Steenbergen
Prof. mr. dr. F. de Vries

1 September 2016 - 31 August 2020



Psychological research into information processing and decision making has revealed that people are ‘bounded rationalists’. The way they search for and attend to information, the way they interpret and process this information, and the way they weigh the available information in forming their judgments are all subject to biases. The occurrence of such biases has been established also among individuals who are supposed to be highly motivated and trained to be rational and objective decision makers, such as judges, medical doctors, and scientists. Yet biased information processing increases the risk of suboptimal decision making, and can have far-reaching implications. Therefore, it is important to gain more insight into the nature and origin of frequently occurring biases and find ways to correct for them. This project will specifically examine the situation of supervisors (toezichthouders) to address biases they typically are vulnerable to. The central aim is to advance our understanding of the conditions that contribute to the occurrence of such biases, and to develop and test concrete  interventions that may help correct for these biases as a way to improve the quality of judgment and the effectiveness of supervision in different organizational contexts.

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