How to Present, 2018-2019

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How to Present, 2018-2019

Teaching staff
Fieke Harinck (Leiden University), Marret Noordewier (Leiden University).

Type of course
Methodological and Practical Courses

June 6 and June 7, 2019

Leiden University, room to be announced.

2 days


Maximum number of participants

1 EC will be appointed for participation in the complete 2-day course.

The course will focus on a training in the presentation of papers for international audiences e.g. oral presentation and the use of (media) facilities.

During these 2 days, participants will practice their presentation skills, and they will learn to use a new presentation format. Participants need to prepare a 10-minute presentation for this course.

On the first day, they will practice parts of their presentation, and on the second day they will give a full presentation. Participants will receive a lot of feedback on their presentation and presentation skills. On both days we will also do exercises on how to handle your nerves, how to handle questions and how to prepare for a presentation.

For this course, you need to prepare an English presentation of 10 minutes about your own research. The presentation may be an existing one, or a new one. Participants who just started their PhD project or have not collected data yet can give a presentation about their Master thesis or their research proposal. The presentation lasts 10 minutes at maximum.

There will be a beamer. It is advised to take your presentation with you on a USB-stick. On day 1, you will practice parts of your presentation, on day 2 you will present your entire presentation. Usually, participants want to change their presentation after the first day, so it is advised to plan some spare time after the course to make those changes.



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