WAOP-KLI Joint Seminar 3/4: Sustainable Employability

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WAOP-KLI Joint Seminar 3/4: Sustainable Employability

Teaching staff
prof. Tinka van Vuuren (Open University Heerlen)

Type of course
Joint Seminars

March 21, 2019

Utrecht University, room to be announced.

1 day


1.0 ECTS


In academic year 2018-2019, four seminars will be organized, each rewarded with 1 ECTS (28 hours). Both WAOP-PhD students (who are not a member of the KLI) as well as KLI members can sign up for each seminar.
KLI members register during the KLI registration periods.
WAOP members register by sending an email to KLI.admin@uu.nl, clearly stating the seminar(s) they want to participate in.
WAOP members (non-KLI members) pay a fixed amount: € 20,- for each seminar. The same amount (€ 20,- for each KLI student) will be reimbursed by the KLI.In each one-day seminar (6 hours) a senior scholar presents work on his/her specialization, including both methodological and theoretical components. Before the start of the seminar, the attendees have to read 3-4 key articles/chapters (8 hours), which are specified by the scholar in advance. The meeting itself features interactive, engaging, and active learning. After each seminar (within two weeks), the attendees write a brief paper (max. 2000 words, 14 hours, pass/fail evaluation) consisting of the following parts:
A description of theoretical approach or research methodology discussed in the seminar.
The application of the research methodology or theory learned in the seminar in the form of a study proposal, which includes at least one specific hypothesis.
A plan on how the student could integrate the learned research methodology or theory in his/her PhD project, including possible opportunities and challenges.

The current ageing of the working population, urges us to better understand how we can enhance sustainable employability. Sustainable employability denotes the degree in which workers will and can carry out their current and future work. It consists of three constituting elements: work ability, employability and vitality (Semeijn, Van Dam, Van Vuuren, & Van der Heijden, 2015; Van Vuuren, 2012). The better workers’ work ability, employability and vitality, the higher their chances to continue working until or even beyond their retirement age. This workshop will address the question how workers and organizations together can enhance these three elements to stimulate sustainable employability. To do this, this interactive workshop will pay attention to facilitating versus hindering factors, and to the interventions changing these factors to enhance sustainable employability. The facilitating and hindering factors will be discussed from the viewpoint of the self-determination theory (Ryan & Deci,2008) and Job Demands-Resources Model (Bakker & Demerouti, 2008). Interventions to enhance sustainable employability will be viewed from the organizational perspective and the individual perspective. For the organizational perspective I will use the AMO-model (Appelbaum, Bailey, Berg & Kalleberg, 2000; Ybema, Van Vuuren & Van Dam, 2017, Le Blanc, Van der Heijden & Van Vuuren, 2017). HR practices as health promotion, health curation, training and development can enhance the Ability, Motivation, and Opportunity for employee performance and subsequently strengthen the work ability, vitality and employability of employees. For the leadership perspective I will use the self-leadership theory (Neck & Houghton, 2006; Manz, 1986). Self-leadership refers to: Taking ownership and responsibility, acting on basis of autonomy and using specific self-influencing strategies. We will discuss how both perspectives on interventions interact to enhance sustainable employability.


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