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Enrollment in courses and workshops is possible twice each academic year. All KLI members will receive a call for enrollment by e-mail. New PhD students can also enroll during the rest of the year if there are still places available by sending an e-mail to the member administration, KLI.admin@uu.nl.

Participants receive further information on the exact location, literature etc. by e-mail prior to the course or workshop.

To enroll, please go to https://kli.fss.uu.nl and log in. Your login is your e-mail address as known in the KLI administration. For setting your password, you can go to the Login section at the upper right corner of the site and choose ‘forgot my password’. You can then reset your password via the e-mail that will be sent to your e-mail address.
When logged in, you can register for the courses that you want to participate in. Please note that your participation needs to be confirmed after the registration period has ended, because some courses do have a waiting list.

Participation for members

Because some courses have a maximum number of participants, it may not be possible to participate in all the courses you have enrolled in. After the registration period has ended, you will be notified if you are participating, or that you are on a waiting list. Priority is given on the basis of the start date of the PhD project, because more senior PhD’s do have less chances to follow a course later on. 

In case of cancellations, those on the waiting list will be invited to participate. It is therefore not allowed to send someone else in your place; the waiting list decides who is next in line.
If you are unable to attend a course you have registered for, please inform the KLI office (KLI.admin@uu.nl) as soon as possible, so that someone else can take your place.

Participation for non-members

As of 2015, PhD students who are not a member of the Kurt Lewin Institute can, under certain conditions, participate in KLI courses and workshops. The course fee for non-members is 350,- euro for a one-day course and 500,- euro for a 2-day course. Please contact the KLI office for further information and enrollment.


For formal KLI members, the costs for participation in the teaching program are included in the annual membership fee. Additional activities outside the teaching program such as the KLI conference will be organized on a different basis; participants will be requested to pay a fee for such additional activities.



If you are unable to attend a course you have registered for, please inform the KLI-office (KLI.admin@uu.nl) as soon as possible, so that someone else can take your place.
In case of cancellation less than a week before the workshop or when not participating without notification, a warning will be sent. In case of 3 late cancellations or not participating without notification, exclusion from the KLI teaching program will follow. Cancellations because of illness or other special circumstances will of course be accepted without consequences.

Please note

- Registration takes places during the registration period and in the registration tool. When asking for participation later on via email we cannot guarantee that you can participate.
- When a course lasts more than one day, we expect participants to attend the course on all days. We cannot award ECTS to a course that has been attended only partially. If you are planning beforehand to attend only one day, this would mean that someone else who wants to take the course all days cannot participate. The only exception here is the Methodological Seminars 1-5 course in Semester 2, as the first session of that course is optional.
- We are open to developing new courses throughout the year, so please feel free to suggest an additional course, for example when you know that an interesting guest speaker is around.
- When a course is added, this will be communicated via email to the KLI community.

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