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Management Structure

The structure and organisation of the KLI are detailed and formalised in the Regulations (Huishoudelijk Reglement) and Articles (Samenwerkings-overeenkomst) of the Institute. Here we provide a brief overview of the organisational structure.

Figure 1 KLI management structure

General Board

The General Board of the KLI consists of 5 members, a non-voting chairman, and a non-voting Ph.D. student member. It has ultimate responsibility with regard to research, teaching and budgetary decisions. The General Board delegates the daily running of the KLI to an Executive Committee consisting of the Scientific Director and two Adjunct Directors (responsible respectively for research and teaching).

As of September 1, 2016, the membership of the General Board is:
prof.dr. Naomi Ellemers (Chair), prof.dr. Kees van den Bos, prof.dr. E. van Dijk, prof.dr. Gerben de Kleef (interim board member), prof.dr. Paul A.M. van Lange, Manon Schutter, MSc. (Ph.D. student representative), prof.dr. Daniel H.J. Wigboldus (External Member) and prof.dr. Nico W. van Yperen.

Executive Committee

This Executive Committee is responsible for taking all the relevant decisions, and shapes the scientific and educational policy of the KLI in consultation with and based on the advice of two formal bodies: the Teaching Committee and the Research Committee. Both committees report directly to the Executive Committee of the KLI, the former on the co-ordination and planning of research training, and the latter on research proposals and student progress.

As of September 1, 2015, the membership of the Executive Committee is:
prof.dr. Linda Steg (Scientific Director, Chair), prof.dr. Gerben A. van Kleef (Research Director) and dr. Esther S. Kluwer (Teaching Director).

Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee has primary responsibility for developing and evaluating the teaching programme. The committee consists of two members, a graduate student and the Teaching Director.

As of September 2016, the membership of the Teaching Committee is:
dr. Esther S. Kluwer (Chair), dr. Jan-Willem van Prooijen, dr. Lotte van Dillen, and Manon Schutter, MSc. (Ph.D. student representative).

Research Committee

The Research Committee has primary responsibility for evaluating Ph.D. projects and proposals, for annual assessment of Ph.D. projects (based on reports from graduate students), and for the scientific programme of the KLI. The committee consists of five members including the Research Director.

As of November 1, 2012, the membership of the Research Committee is:
prof.dr. Gerben A. van Kleef (Chair), dr. Belle Derks and prof.dr. Barbara M. Wisse.

In case of an increased workload, the research committee can be expanded with a maximum of two additional members.

General Manager

Finally, the Executive Committee is supported by the KLI administrative staff (based at Utrecht University). This consists of a General Manager employed to assist the different boards and committees of the KLI in the preparation and execution of the KLI policies. The General Manager is executive secretary of the Executive Committee, the Teaching Committee and the Research Committee.

As of February 1st, the General Manager is Annemarieke Blankesteijn.

PhD student representative

The representative of Ph.D. students within the KLI attends both the meetings of the Teaching Committee and the General Board.

As of September 1, 2016 Manon Schutter, MSc. (Leiden University) represents the PhD students within the KLI.

This management structure has served us very well and therefore has not been changed. However, since 2001 we also established a Scientific Advisory Board. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of internationally respected experts in the domains covered by the KLI. It will evaluate the overall performance of the KLI as a graduate training institute and  will meet twice during each 5-year period.

At the suggestion of the graduate students two confidential advisors (vertrouwenspersonen) have been appointed. Students who have conflicts with their supervisor or indeed any other problem may contact one of these advisors. The confidential advisor is dr. J.A.M. (Jose) Heesink.

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