Finishing your PhD KLI membership

PhD students of the KLI receive a certificate upon completion of the entire regular KLI curriculum, and can publish their dissertation in the KLI dissertation series. Completing the KLI PhD curriculum (including requesting a certificate, logos for your thesis, the 250 euros dissertation allowance, etc.) all starts with filling in this form. This will provide the KLI Teaching administration with enough information to assist you with the completion process.

PhD students of the KLI receive a certificate and a course overview upon completion of the entire KLI curriculum. This shows that they have met all criteria.

Dissertation series

The Kurt Lewin Institute dissertation series exists since 1997. PhD student members of the KLI can publish their dissertation in these series, i.e. with the logo of the KLI and a number on the cover of the book. Participation in this series will be awarded by the KLI with a 250 euro allowance.

1) Choosing a printing office. The KLI has good contacts with Ipskamp Drukkers. This printing office offers a special price for printing KLI dissertations and is familiar with KLI publications. Of course PhD students may choose any printing office of their choice.

2) Requesting participation. Please fill in this form. You will then receive the following information: a KLI dissertation series number, the KLI logo, and a list of dissertations published in the series in the past two years. The logo and series number should be placed on the cover of your dissertation, the list of dissertations published on the last page(s) of the book.

3) Receiving 250 euro allowance for the printing costs. Please send a hard copy of your dissertation to the KLI office. Once we have received that, we will send you a reimbursement form. Please fill this in and send it back to us, together with the invoice of the printing office as proof. After approval, the allowance will be tranferred to your bank account by Utrecht University.
Note to UU PhD students: UU-members should submit their expense for 250 euros via the UU-reimbursement portal. Please upload the invoice of the printing office as attachment, and use as WBS: SA.130100.2.06.03.


Becoming an Alumnus
When you have finished your PhD, your KLI membership automatically ends. You might be interested in joining the KLI as an alumni member or a full member later on.
If you want to receive emails about future KLI activities, we hope you will allow us to save your contact information. Please let us know if we may register you as a KLI Alumnus.