KLI conference 2024

Dates: Thursday April 25 and Friday April 26, 2024.
Location: Woudschoten, Zeist.


Conference program

Conference  program at a glance


Key notes
– Prof. dr. Judi Mesman (Leiden University): Diversity and inclusion or the glass cliff? Experiences of people of color in leadership positions in the Dutch public sector
– Prof. dr. Alin I. Coman (Princeton University): Grounding large-scale social outcomes in psychological phenomena: From measurement to interventions
– Prof. dr. Goda Perlaviciute (University of Groningen): Public acceptability of sustainable transitions and what it means for policy-making

Conference organizers
Conference Chair: dr. Namkje Koudenburg (RUG).
Theme Chairs:Dr. Elliot Sharpe (University of Groningen), dr. Catia Teixeira (Maastricht University), dr. Lianne Aarntzen (Utrecht University), dr. Seval Gündemir (University of Amsterdam), dr. Frank Gootjes (Utrecht University), dr. Emma ter Mors (Leiden University), dr. Bibiana Armenta Gutierrez (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), dr. Niels van Doesum (Leiden University).
Best Paper Award committee: Sabine Otten (University of Groningen), David Amodio (University of Amsterdam), Wendy Andrews (Free University Amsterdam), Maarten van Bezouw (Utrecht University), Lotte van Dillen (Leiden University), Catia Teixeira (Maastricht University).
Best Poster Award committee: Jolien van Breen (Leiden University), Byron Adams (University of Amsterdam), Sanne Veenstra (Free University Amsterdam), Jenny Veldman (Utrecht University).

Posters en Best Paper Award
Registration for both Posters and Best Paper Award are closed for this conference.



Registration is only open to KLI members and those invited by the organisation.



Conference fees (include the full program, coffee, tea, snacks and lunch)


Conference fee PhD student 1 day – € 85,00

Conference fee PhD student 2 days – € 160,00

Conference fee 1 day – € 135,00

Conference fee 2 days – € 260,00

Dinner April 25 – € 60,00

Hotel room 1 night (including v.a.t.) – € 115,60

Hotel room 2 nights (including v.a.t.) – € 231,20

Hotel room 1 night shared (including v.a.t.) – € 68,10

Hotel room 2 nights shared (including v.a.t.) – € 136,20