Management Structure

General Board
The General Board of the KLI consists of 5 members, a non-voting chairman, and a non-voting Ph.D. student member. It has ultimate responsibility with regard to research, teaching and budgetary decisions. The General Board delegates the daily running of the KLI to an Executive Committee consisting of the Scientific Director and three Adjunct Directors (responsible respectively for research, teaching, and impact).

Prof.dr. Naomi Ellemers (UU), Chair
Prof.dr. Kees van den Bos (UU)
Prof.dr. Eric van Dijk (UL)
Prof.dr. Astrid Homan (UvA)
Terence Dores Cruz, MSc. (VU), PhD representative
Prof.dr. Ellen Giebels (UTwente), External member
Prof.dr. Paul van Lange (VU)
Prof.dr. Susanne Scheibe (RUG)


Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible for taking all the relevant decisions, and shapes the scientific and educational policy of the KLI in consultation with and based on the advice of three formal bodies: the Teaching Committee, Research Committee and Impact Committtee. These committees report directly to the Executive Committee of the KLI on the co-ordination and planning of research training, on research proposals and student progress, and on impact initiatives and progress.

Prof.dr. Russell Spears (RUG), Scientific Director, Chair
Dr. Jan-Willem van Prooijen (VU), Teaching Director
Dr. Madelijn Strick (UU), Impact Director
Prof.dr. Barbara Wisse (RUG), Research Director

Teaching Committee
The Teaching Committee has primary responsibility for developing and evaluating the teaching programme. The committee consists of two members, a graduate student and the Teaching Director.

Dr. Jan-Willem van Prooijen (VU), Teaching Director, Chair
Terence Dores Cruz, MSc. (VU), PhD representative
Dr. Gert-Jan Lelieveld (UL)
Dr. Antje Schmitt (RUG)


Research Committee
The Research Committee has primary responsibility for evaluating Ph.D. projects and proposals, for annual assessment of Ph.D. projects (based on reports from graduate students), and for the scientific programme of the KLI.

Prof.dr. Barbara Wisse (RUG), Research Director, Chair
Prof.dr. Belle Derks (UU)

Scientific Advisory Board
The Scientific Advisory Board consists of internationally respected experts in the domains covered by the KLI. It will evaluate the overall performance of the KLI as a graduate training institute. The members of this Board will visit the KLI once every 5-year period.

Dr. Margaret Clark (Yale University)
Dr. Jack Dovidio (Yale University)
Prof.dr. Klaus Fiedler (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg)
Prof.dr. Sabine Sonnentag (University of Mannheim)

KLI support staff

The KLI, its committees and its members are supported by the KLI support staff (based at Utrecht University). The general manager (Annemarieke Blankesteijn, MA MSc.) is employed to assist the boards and committees of the KLI in the preparation and execution of the KLI policies. The General Manager is executive secretary of the Executive Committee, the Teaching Committee and the Research Committee. Ria Konter (Student Affairs, Faculty of Social Sciences, Psychology department) is responsible for the teaching and member administration.

PhD student representative
The PhD student representative (Laurens van Gestel MSc., UU) attends both the meetings of the Teaching Committee and the General Board.

Confidential advisor
The KLI’s confidential advisor is prof.dr. Ton Hol.
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