Information for instructors

Each Spring, the KLI Teaching committee meets to evaluate the courses of the previous year and to create a program for the next year. Members of the Teaching committee approach KLI members, asking if they are willing to teach specific courses, and the KLI also sends out a call to all KLI members to come up with ideas for new courses. KLI members are most welcome to send in an idea for a course, even during the academic year.

Here you will find the regular workshop format and some guidelines. Because of the Covid-19 measures, we have designed a workshop format for online courses as well. With the information we have now, we assume that for at least Semester 1 of 2020-2021, courses have to be offered online only.


Below you will find additional information that is useful for KLI course teachers.

Before the course
After the teaching committee and the general manager have established the new program together with the instructors, the teaching administration takes over. A few weeks prior to the course, the teaching administration contacts the instructor to ask for the program, inquire after specific wishes, the participant list, etc.
If the course takes place in Utrecht, the teaching administration can arrange rooms and catering, because the KLI office is based at Utrecht University, and hence has access to the UU systems. If the course takes place at another university, the teacher is expected to arrange for a room and catering themselves.
Regardless the location, the KLI office can book hotels and rooms for foreign guests.

During the course

For allocating EC’s to participants, it is important to know who was present during the course.
Prior to the course, the teacher receives a participant list. Please indicate during the course who was present and return the list to the KLI office (
It is also important to evaluate each course. Our experience is that we get the highest response rate when the evaluation takes place at the end of the course before everyone leaves. Please give the participants a few minutes to fill in the course evaluation form. From the drop down menu, participants can select the course. All course evaluations are discussed by the teaching committee.
KLI can provide drinks for after the course, but it can also be nice to go to a café afterwards. In that case, the first round of drinks will be paid for by KLI. It is advised that the teacher will pay for this first round and gets reimbursed by the KLI afterwards. If the group decides to go out for dinner, KLI will reimburse the dinner costs of the teacher(s) and foreign guest(s). Please ask for receipts, otherwise you cannot get reimbursed.

After the course
The KLI teaching administration will send the teacher(s) and foreign guest(s) the results of the evaluation, and a reimbursement form. Please fill in this form and attach scans of receipts. For the reimbursement of travel costs: please attach a scan of your OV-chipkaart overview or of your train ticket. If you travel by car, you can get reimbursed for 19 cents per kilometer.
Please note: KLI teachers working at Utrecht University need to use the UU reimbursement portal (choose as WBS: SB.000020).

When you have arranged catering via your university’s caterer, they can send the invoice afterwards as a PDF to

It needs to be addressed as follows:

Universiteit Utrecht
T.a.v. Administratief Service Centrum
Postbus 80011
3508 TA Utrecht

Reference: WBS SB.000020

For any other matters regarding KLI teaching, you can contact the office at