About KLI

The Kurt Lewin Institute (KLI) is a centre for graduate training and research focusing on the analysis of the psychological factors contributing to the shaping of social behaviour. The general objective of the KLI is to stimulate and strengthen research in social psychology and its applications. To this end, the KLI offers a 4-year inter-university graduate teaching and training program. PhD students following this program participate in specialist and general courses.

The KLI is based on the collaborative input of psychologists working in seven Dutch Universities:
VU Amsterdam (VU), University of Amsterdam (UvA), University of Groningen (RuG), Leiden University (UL) Utrecht University (UU), Maastricht University (UM), and Tilburg University (TU).
As of January 2016, Utrecht University is responsible for the administration of the institute (‘penvoerder’).

The Institute is named after Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), who emigrated from Germany to the USA in the 1930s and laid the foundations for research in human relations – the central theme of the Institute. Lewin was one of the founding fathers of social psychology. Additionally, Lewin strongly emphasised the complementarity of basic and applied research and it is precisely this complementarity that characterises the overall research programme of the KLI.