The KLI aims to stimulate and strengthen the field of social and organizational psychology. By increasing the visibility and impact of the field, we hope to ensure that external organizations and other disciplines can find us as well. We organize this in different ways.

We have a website to showcase examples of collaborations between researchers of the KLI and external partners.

KLI Teaching Academy
Since 2018-2019, the KLI organizes a course series ‘Psychological insights for government lawyers’ for the Dutch Academy for Legislation. All course instructors are KLI members. The KLI is open to organizing courses like this for other institutions as well; please feel free to contact our office at to discuss this further with our Impact director.

KLI Research Academy
The KLI actively stimulates collaborations between KLI-researchers and external organizations, for example by facilitating impact partnerships. These partnerships consist of alliances between a KLI alumnus working in a non-academic setting and a KLI researcher, who join forces to work on a non-academic research assignment.

Impact initiatives KLI members
The KLI wants to stimulate its members to improve their visibility and impact as researchers. If they have ideas on how to do that, they are invited to submit an application for impact initiatives. Proposals can be submitted throughout the year.

Examples of granted applications:
InMind Magazine: This online magazine communicates psychological research in an engaging and accessible way. KLI and InMind Magazine collaborate to reach a wider audience and to attract more authors.
▪ An annual public event, ‘The Social Animal’, co-organized with ASPO (Associatie van Sociaal Psychologische Onderzoekers) in Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht. This is a public event where social and organisational psychologists share their latest research with a general audience via short, visual presentations.
▪ Visualising research: funding the design of infographics in order to better communicate research findings.