KLI PhD Colloquia – Jannis Kreienkamp – 01/12/2021

The KLI is proud to present the program of the new PhD Colloquia. The goal of this online colloquium series is to give KLI members in the advanced stages of their PhD the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience. This also provides a platform to bring together both junior and senior members of the KLI.

In each colloquium, one junior member of the KLI will give a 45-minute talk about the research that they have been doing for their PhD. At the end of the talk there is 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

The second colloquium will take place on December 1st, 2021, 16:00.
Jannis Kreienkamp (University of Groningen) will be presenting his work on “Dynamic Migration Experiences: Applied and Fundamental Research for and with Migrants”.

Abstract: Migration and the exchange of cultures has long been a story of collaboration and trade but also a continuing matter of conflict and resistance. For researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, the experiences of migrants have consistently posed a range of conceptual, methodological, and theoretical issues. What do we actually mean with adaptation to a new culture? How do we capture a process of individual cultural change? And what are the psychological mechanisms in such cross-group interactions? Considering the actual experiences of migrants, I will discuss
(1) some recent developments in the conceptualization of psychological acculturation,
(2) our attempts of capturing cross-cultural processes, and
(3) some of the fundamental motivational processes that may explain why and when inter-group contacts (of migrants) will lead to more positive intergroup relations.

We would like to invite all junior and senior KLI members to attend the colloquia! Also please share the event with colleagues from different departments, outside academia, different universities, and different countries. All colloquia are openly accessible!

To register and join the colloquia, use the following link:
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Full program semester 1, 2021-2022:
– 27th of October 2021 at 16.00: Anne van Valkengoed (RUG);
– 1st of December 2021 at 16.00: Jannis Kreienkamp (RUG);
– 19th of January 2022 at 16.00: Leon Hilbert (UL)

Organizers of the PhD colloquia:
Terence das Dores Cruz (VU)
Felix Grundmann (RUG)